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Our Story

About Us

Ashtone Williams-Pierce is the founder of ‘The Academy of Cosmetic Artistry” & the owner of “Ashtone’s Beauty Box” which holds a number of achievements such as

About Us

An Engaging Learning Resource

The Academy for cosmetic artistry was founded with one goal in mind: providing beauty therapist & aesthetic practitioners from London to New York with an affordable, user-friendly learning platform to develop beautifying & needle artistry. Our tutorials give you the opportunity to expand your horizons and learn new skills all from the comfort of your own device.
Ashtone is level 5 qualified in Facial Anatomy and is also a Mother to a happy, confident 3year old.
The Academy of Cosmetic Artistry believes with all force in delivering courses, which allow learners to flourish within their own strengths while exceeding their believed limitations.
The sole reason and core value for building both companies are to inspire confidence.
Ashtone’s hunger for knowledge with skill aids in maintaining a mindful but competitive approach that benefit individual learners to advance within their business or chosen career paths.
Meanwhile, Ashtone has vastly improved her personal productivity by expending her knowledge of facial Anatomy in to a career of cosmetic dentistry.
Ashtone can teach you how to create this balance within your life, where neither business nor family cancels out the other.
Fuelled by her passion for understanding, Ashtone considers herself a “forever student,” eager to both build on her academic foundations within Beauty & Aesthetics’ while determined to turn information into action.
Ashtone’s qualifications with a matched experience of 15years in business allows you to gain first hand knowledge at all levels from junior assistant to head receptionist, employee to salon owner/ CEO educator. This level of entrepreneurship allows her to support you through each stage of your business.
Why become qualified with us….
Our Salon and Academy has survived
Book your course with us today to change the narrative of your present thoughts about your future, learn how to generate a formula on how you can create the life you have always dreamed of, by becoming your own boss TODAY.

What Our Client's Says

“I honestly can’t say enough good things about this gen of a clinic and Ashtone herself. She’s very knowledge, pays attention to detail and is amazing at what she does. She makes you feel at ease and comfortable with your treatment and I Can’t thank her enough. I received lip fillers and couldn’t be any happier with the results”

-Stephanie N

“Had under eye fibroblast treatment last week. Totally worth it, I can see amazing results already and my skin healed so nicely. Ashtone is an awesome, super friendly, and talented beautician. I was so nervous to try this new technique but she helped me relax and explained every step of the procedure. I recommend all of you to try any of the services she’s providing, especially plasms fibroblast. it’s amazing. Thank you Ashtone”

-Ramona Mirela